Thematic Competition: C.A.S.A Post-Disaster (Social and Administrative Support Center)

The competition, promoted by A.M.L. (Lisbon Metropolitan Area) in co-organization with the Southern Regional Section of the Portuguese Institute of Architects (OASRS), aims to implement a multipurpose unit with administrative and social functions in a post-disaster scenario.
The growing awareness of modern societies of the impact of catastrophes and of the emergency situation that results from them for the densely populated urban areas, together with the growing local and global awareness of the physical vulnerabilities (territorial and urban) and social to which populations and basic support services are subject, require a integrated reflection on the conditions of living in communities subject to this type of extreme events, in particular on the question of resettlement and urban services / functionalities in support of basic rights of communities: housing, health, education, social support.
The reality of catastrophes in Portugal and in the AML has been very present throughout the centuries, expressed in numerous records of seismic activity, generated both in the geodynamic boundary between the African and Euro-Asian plate and in seismic sources closer to the AML and CL, worth mentioning, because of its symbolic significance associated to it, the notorious earthquake of 1755 (considered internationally as the first catastrophe of the modern era) and, on a more regional scale, the earthquake of Benavente in 1909. However, the interpretation of the term catastrophe in the context of AML is not limited to seismic activity. There are numerous other worrying situations, in particular related to unstructured occupation of the territory such as the case of some AUGI (Urban Areas of Illegal Genesis ) located in areas of risk including risks of flooding.
Thus, the Lisbon Metropolitan Area decided to launch the challenge for architects to respond in a post-disaster scenario to the increasing conditions of social and physical vulnerability that leads, from a global perspective, to the need for emergency thinking and solutions, in order to support the affected communities.
To know more about the competition and the final results, visit their website .
For information on the project delivered by cezark visit the project page here

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