C.A.S.A. Post-disaster

PROJECT TYPE: Open Competition, 2nd Prize
CLIENT: A.M.L. – Lisbon Metropolitan Area
SIZE: 500,00  sq m
LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal 
YEAR: 2016

01. CASA_3D

In the event of a natural disaster hitting the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, the first priority would be the social monitoring of the population. In this context, “C.A.S.A. – Center for Social and Administrative Support” seeks to respond to the needs of those seeking social services in a clear and fast manner, to clarify and inform the users.

01. CASA_02 - Module Layout

01. CASA_02 - Module

The areas of the program were essential to establish the base size – a rectangle module with 25 sq m. The union of these modules, allow a linear increase or decrease of the spaces upon necessity. They are raised from the ground and adjustable to adapt to the topography. The modules are assembled with no windows, the only natural light source is through a chimney shape form, this will ensue that users abstract themselves from the outside.   01. CASA_02 - Section Module
The modules are autonomous, those with sanitary equipments will be provided with water reservoirs on the roofs and the treatment of the wastewater is made by a general septic tank. Regarding electricity supply, modules with good orientation will be provided with photo-voltaic panels.

01. CASA_02 - General Layout_01

The programs will be distributed radially through the modules, creating a central square, also elevated from the ground – an octagonal with 7 meter edges. The services occupy 6 of the sides, leaving two, opposite to each other, unobstructed allowing the entrance to the facilities through a ramp. There is thus a natural movement and circular distribution of users. The use of the central layout will direct and concentrate people in a common space where they can exchange information and experiences and at the same time have access to all services that are centralize.

01. CASA_02 - General Elev_01

In the center of the square is located a telecommunications tower which, besides its functions, allows identification on the location from a far distance. The whole complex is flexible and can be oriented and assembled according to the chosen location.
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