3rd Prize in the Competition for Restaurante Modules

07. Competition_Module_02_©cezark.jpg
Cezark architecture was awarded 3rd prize in the restaurante modules for the city square of Vitorino Damásio competition, promoted by Town Council of Estrela, Lisbon in cooperation with OARS – Southern Regional Assembly of the Portu­guese Institute of Architects (OASRS).
From the jury: 
“Exuberant proposal from a formal, material and constructive point of view, above all in the search for a relationship with the city and the space where it is located. It highlights on the integration of technical solutions that promote energy and environmental efficiency of the modules. The proposed design promotes multiple possibilities of conjunction, with the virtue of, in this conjunction, being able to create spaces more reserved from the surroundings”
For more information on the competition visit their website
To know more about the project designed by cezark visit our project page here
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