House in Forest

PROJECT TYPE: Residential Competition 
CLIENT: House in Forest 2017
SIZE: 837,67  sq m
LOCATION: Portugal 
YEAR: 2017

House in Forest_3D_cezark

The house is located on a hillside overlooking a waterfall and river. The slope privileges the program providing good sun orientation and house implantation, offering a high advantage point and view to the surrounding forest. Pine trees and local vegetation cover the topography on the upper and lower part of the landscape.

House in Forest_General Diagram_cezark

The existing river creates a close relationship between construction and water, integrating it in a way that it can be part of it. The water movement and constant temperature creates a micro-climate near and around the river, ideal for the volumes of the house that extend to it. The waterfall bring life and sound, and provides a visual connection between interior and exterior of the house.
House in Forest_Section B_cezark
The Client is a young motivated artist / sculptor that loves nature. He does not only want to live in the forest he wants to be part of it. This is why the house is be located under the ground, above the ground and elevated over the ground.

House in Forest_Section A_cezark

The general organisation was based on two main necessities, an isolated working space and exposition areas connected to a outdoor courtyard and a house with all the necessary living conditions.
The program is divided in five different volumes separated by function, Living, Services, Sleeping, Relaxing and Working.
House in Forest_Layout 01_cezark
In the volume next to the river and waterfall the program associated to it is for Relaxing, equipped with a gym, sauna, game room and a indoor swimming pool.
The Service area in located at lower ground with an exterior car access. There can be found the garage, laundry room, storage and technical areas. On the same level, but located around a exterior courtyard is the Working area, with a workshop and exposition areas. Here the works are created and later exposed for friends and clients.
At ground level is the Living area, equipped with all the necessary living spaces, living room, dinning room, kitchen and toilets.

House in Forest_Layout 02_cezark

On the upper floor and above the forest is the Sleeping area. Here are located the rooms, toilets and a office area. A privilege point overlooking the landscape.

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