House in Póvoa da Lomba

PROJECT TYPE: Residential Building
CLIENT: Undisclosed
SIZE: 55,00 sq m
LOCATION: Póvoa da Lomba, Portugal
STATUS: Completed
YEAR: 2014

01. Casita_3D_©cezark.jpg
The project consiste of the complete reahabilitation of a small holiday house constructed in 1979, located in the center of a small town, Póvoa da Lomba, near Cantanhede.
08. Casita_Before and After_©cezark.jpg
Due to the limitations of the surrounding buildings, the house only has one facade facing the main road, providing access and natural sun openings to the interior. The exterior four walls support the lighten slabs and the new light weight roof made from wooden beams. 

03. Casita_Layout_©cezark

Originally a one story high construction, an additional slab was added to provide space and program distribution.

05. Casita_Stairs_©cezark

05. Casita_Stairs_01_©cezark

04. Casita_Section_©cezark

10.P. Casita_Photo_15_©cezark10.I. Casita_Photo_09_©cezark10.E. Casita_Photo_06_©cezark10.c. Casita_Photo_04_©cezark10.B. Casita_Photo_03_©cezark10.D. Casita_Photo_05_©cezark10.H. Casita_Photo_09_©cezark10.O. Casita_Photo_14_©cezark10.T. Casita_Photo_19_©cezark


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