Restaurant Modules

PROJECT TYPE: Open Competition, 3rd Prize
CLIENT: Town Council of Estrela, Lisbon
SIZE: 18,84  sq m
LOCATION: City Square of Vitorino Damásio, Lisbon, Portugal 
YEAR: 2017

01. Módulo_3D_©cezark

The Town Council of Estrela, Lisbon with the assistance of the Southern Regional Section of the Portuguese Institute of Architects (OASRS), organised a competition for the design of a restaurant module that could be replicated six times in the, Lisbon and how they can be distributed in the public space.

02. Módulo_Square_Triangle_©cezark

The approach to the design the module is based on the triangular shape of the city square, limited and marked by roadways, the electric train line and existing facades. The module incorporates this form, the geometry of an equilateral triangle of central layout with 18,84 sq m of implantation. The vertex are chamfered to optimize the interior space.

03. Módulo_Layout_©cezark

The elevation of the module develops vertically, the roof tapers at the top and forms a chimney, which in addition to serving as extraction of fumes it also serves for the entrance of light, which during the night is illuminated by artificial light.

04. Módulo_Elevation_Section_©cezark

Inside, at center point, a counter is installed to prepare meals. There is another counter for the public attendance that occupies 1/3 of the facade, this one has a horizontal opening to the outside allowing the distribution of sitting  seats on the exterior. In the three interior corners of the module are located the cabinets, there can be found all the kitchen appliances, gas cylinders (with are accessed only from the outside) and storage space. Down and along the counter was placed the cold storage.

05. Módulo_Perspective_©cezark

The module is autonomous, equipped with all the necessary infrastructures for its good functioning. It has solar panels at the top and batteries at the base to supply the module with electric power, it’s equipped with two water reservoirs at the base, potable and sewage and has also a booth to store propane gas cylinders of 45kg. The infrastructures installed also allows easy connection to the public networks for electric supply, gas, drinking water and sanitation whenever necessary.

06. Módulo_Structure_©cezark

The module is raised from the city square with hight adjustable footing to help leveling. The whole structure is executed with metal tubular. The outer walls consist of metallic sheets riveted to the structure, an option that easily follows the curved contours of the module. Between metal sheets is inserted stone wool insulation for thermal and acoustic insulation purposed. From the outside, the sheets have a batten to help in the fixing of the outer finishing and at the same time provides ventilation between the finishing and the structure.

07. Módulo_Perspective_©cezark

The modules are pre-assembled in factory and transported to the site by truck. In loco and with the help of a truck crane the rest is assembled.
The city square is paved with Portuguese stone floor, with river / sea wave like patterns, that together with the proximity of the river influenced the module finishing coating. It was decided to apply a white ceramic coating type “fish scale” that by its geometry allows it to be applied throughout the module, even in the curved areas. The coating has large graphic prints in shades of blue, type “traditional Portuguese tiles” with a glazed finish. This prints can change between modules if desired. The intention is that the outer finish of the module will recall the historical past of the city square and at the same time reflect the present.

08. Módulo_General_View_Square_©cezark

The inner lining will be in agglomerate cork. Selected not only because it adapts well to curved shapes but also  because it provides comfort, insulation and is a raw material with tradition in Portugal.

09. Módulo_Module distribution_©cezark

The central plant of the module allows an easy distribution / occupation and access of the module in the city square. When inserting 6 modules, each one can be oriented autonomously creating its own space of attendance and well-being. Each module associates with the existing elements: trees, benches and light poles in a unique and singular way.

10. Módulo_Square_Elevations_©cezark

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